Our story

Nearly 50 years in the making

In 1976 we started as a local copy shop that quickly found its footing and grew to one of Oregon’s largest commercial printers. In 1999 our president bought a small cleanroom consumable company out of Silicon Valley that complimented our printing ideology and heritage. Today, we pride ourselves on 25 years of cleanroom consumable experience, 48 years of business excellence, and have evolved into one of the largest global manufacturers of cleanroom documentation, stationery, and consumables in the world.

Where tradition and innovation meet

Three generations of Wehrleys have impacted the ethos and success of Columbia Cleanroom through shared values, invaluable experience, and fresh perspectives.

Our founding generation established the core principles that still guide us today, instilling a strong commitment to quality and integrity. The second generation brought innovation and expansion, adapting to a changing world and expanding our offerings. Now, the third generation fuels our business with youthful enthusiasm and a commitment to modernization, ensuring we run like a well-oiled corporation while never losing sight of our enduring family values.

The place that we call home

Nestled in the stunning Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon, is where we call home. With deep roots in the local business community, Columbia Cleanroom proudly stands as a cornerstone in this thriving local business landscape. As we continue to grow, our commitment to this beautiful city and its people remains unwavering.

Bridging continents

With dedicated sales representatives spanning the United States, Europe, and Asia, our global presence allows us to serve multinational corporations with the finesse and understanding of a local business.