Class 10 Cleanroom Printing & Consumables

With unwavering dedication to precision and quality, we offer a range of products that not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements of Class 10 cleanroom environments. From immaculate printing solutions to consumables flawlessly designed for optimal performance, our commitment to innovation and excellence shines through every product we offer.

From stationery and pens to notebooks and manuals, we offer a full cleanroom documentation solution. Our Class 10 cleanroom products can be found in Jet Propulsion Labs, Pfizer, Intel, Regeneron, and more.

What is Class 10 cleanroom classification?

Cleanrooms are meticulously designed environments where even minuscule levels of contamination can have dire consequences. Cleanroom classification is important because it defines the level of cleanliness and controls the number of particles, particularly airborne particles, allowed in a specific cleanroom space. The classification system, often based on ISO standards, provides a clear and standardized way to ensure the cleanroom’s suitability for its intended purpose. In particular, Class 10 or ISO 3 is a measure of one’s products’ cleanliness and means there are no more than 100 particles per cubic meter.

Do you offer customization?

We understand that every cleanroom facility is unique and requires tailored solutions. Whether it’s custom sizing, specific material requirements, or unique features, we have the expertise to design and manufacture cleanroom products that precisely meet your needs.