Frequently Asked Questions


Are your products made in the USA?

99% of our products are made in the USA and are assembled at our headquarters in Portland, OR.

This also means that almost all our products can be qualified for US government applications.

What does Class 10 mean? Does that mean you are Class 10 certified?

Class 10 is the name of our cleanroom stationery line. In a controlled environment, Class 10 or ISO 3 is a measure of one’s products’ cleanliness. Class 10 or ISO 3 usually means there are no more than 100 particles per cubic meter. Our cleanroom is Class 10 certified.

How long do custom orders typically take?

​​Our in-house manufacturing process allows us to move from a prototype to finished product in about 2-4 weeks or depending on the product scope.

Do you accept returns?

Because most of our products are made-to-order, we are unable to issue returns on items like cleanroom paper and cleanroom notebooks.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes, we have customers in Europe, Canada, Asia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.

Have you ever had a quality control issue?

In over 20 years, we have never had a quality control issue over our paper or any cleanroom consumable products. We constantly keep our quality within ISO 3 classification (standards), which means no more than 237 µm. Our average particle count is anywhere from 0 to 15 µm.

Do you require minimum orders?

Rarely does Columbia Cleanroom require minimum quantities.

Cleanroom Products

What dimensions and weights does your cleanroom paper come in? Can we get a custom size made to order? Do you offer European sizing?

Our cleanroom paper comes in two weights: 22# and 28#. It is offered in 8.5”X11”, 11”X17”, 8.5”X14”, A4 and A3 sizing. We offer custom cleanroom paper sizing, at an additional cost. The maximum length and height of a custom cleanroom sheet is 23”X35”.

How many cleanroom paper products do you offer?

We sell 79 different cleanroom paper products, and that list continues to grow. Those products include different weights, colors, and sizes (European sizing too). We also offer cleanroom cover weight stock and synthetic cleanroom paper. All of our cleanroom paper is offered in sterile versions. Additionally, we specialize in producing custom-branded or private label cleanroom paper in almost all sizes, weights, and colors.

Do you stock finished products?

We do not stock finished products. We stock all raw materials, but finished products are made-to-order and take 10 business days to ship out. 

What colors of cleanroom paper do you offer? Do you still offer Orchid?

Our cleanroom paper is available in white, blue, green, pink, ivory, grey, canary, cream, and gold. As of 2021, orchid is no longer available.

Are your cleanroom paper products, including cleanroom notebooks, ESD Safe?

Yes, all our cleanroom products on offer are ESD Safe. A significant step in our cleaning process includes a concentrated use of deionized air. This immediately removes any static out of the product. A custom chemical compound is then used to wipe down the surfaces of all our products. Again, eliminating any residual electrostatic. At the end of its cycle in our cleanroom, we document the ESD level and particle count. This means that our pens, paper, notebooks, binders, etc. are all safe to use in ESD-sensitive environments. 

Do you have access to other cleanroom paper compounds not offered on your website?

Yes, we offer water-resistant cleanroom stock, an 80# cleanroom cover stock, and a 100% synthetic-poly blend cleanroom stock.

Is your cleanroom paper safe for digital copiers?

Yes, without question.

Why is your paper latex-free? Why don’t you sell latex cleanroom paper?

Our latex-free cleanroom paper is a proprietary blend of cellulose and co-polymers that holds up to the highest demands of all cleanroom environments. Our cleanroom paper ends up in controlled environments and different industries all over the world. That means our paper has to meet requirements for a wide range of different industries. Latex is not allowed in certain environments which is why we only manufacture and sell latex-free. 

Traditional cleanroom paper was always classified as ‘Latex cleanroom paper.’ As our business began to grow and our paper was being used around the world, we realized that traditional ‘latex’ cleanroom paper was not the path forward. We worked with regional mills in the Pacific Northwest to develop our own latex-free cleanroom paper, which we sell today.

Is your cleanroom paper safe for an autoclave?

Yes, our 28# latex-free cleanroom paper and our latex-free 80# cover cleanroom stock can tolerate most autoclaves. Depending on the temperature and humidity settings of your autoclave, it may be more or less suitable.

Do you have a MOQ for any of your products?

Our MOQ is 1 case across our product line.

Fulfillment + Shipping

Why do you have a 10-business day lead time on all your products?

Everything we manufacture is made-to-order. Therefore, we are unable to pull orders off the shelves. We are fulfilling orders that have come in 1-2 weeks prior, first and working our way down our production schedule.

Can you expedite orders?

We often expedite orders based on the customer’s needs.

Are you able to ship internationally?

We are able to ship ground and freight orders internationally.